Friday, October 25, 2013

Miller Holiday Promotion

While supplies last, get a FREE pair of Miller FR cotton welding sleeves and a FREE Miller welding bandana with the purchase of any Miller Classic Series welding hood. Choose from the Classic Fixed Shade 10 helmet, the Classic VS Variable Shade helmet, or the Classic VSi Variable Shade helmet with integrated grinding shield.

The Miller Classic Series fixed shade 10 welding helmet is an excellent entry-level auto darkening welding helmet. Lightweight, comfortable and economical, the FS #10 is the ideal occasional-use welding helmet for farm and hobbyists.

The Miller Classic Series VS welding helmet is a quality, economical choice when buying a variable shade, auto-darkening welding helmet. It is lightweight, comfortable and offers unsurpassed light-state clarity and exceptional battery life.

The Miller Classic Black VSi welding helmet with integrated grinding shield features a variable shade 8-13 auto-darkening lens with Miller's innovative X-Mode™. The VSi lens offers unsurpassed light-state clarity and exceptional battery life at an unbeatable price.


  1. The welding helmets at WeldingMart offer the perfect combination of performance, safety, and style. Welding, cutting, and grinding often produces flying sparks .Amazing deals on this Auto Darkening Welding Helmet W/Blue Flame at Harbor Freight. Quality tools & low can visit weldinghelmethq

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  3. Great brand for welding helmets! There's a reason why I stock these in my store.

    - Peter L.