Friday, November 9, 2012

Miller Wildcat 200 Saves The Day Following Hurrican Sandy

The Miller Wildcat 200 is a great little portable engine driven welder. The 14 horsepower Subaru engine produces enough power to provide 200 amps of welding output and 6,500 watts of peak generator power. I didn't realize the value and performance of the Wildcat welder as a stand-by generator until Hurricane Sandy hit. I was without power for 10 full days. Living in an area where city water is not available and nighttime temperatures dipped into the 20's, being without power was simply not an option. The max KVA receptacle on the Wildcat 200 gave me more than enough power to run my water pump, heating system, 2 refrigerators and several circuits of lights. I was even able to run my washer and dryer off the Wildcat, when I needed to do laundry. The best thing about the Wildcat 200 was the fuel consumption. Even while running half my house, the Wildcat burned less than 1/2 gallon of gas per hour; that was really significant since gasoline was not readily available for days after the storm. The Wildcat used 1/2 the gas my Bluestar 185 DX uses to operate the same equipment. What's more, I operated the Wildcat for 240 hours non-stop with no mechanical issues.

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