Monday, May 16, 2016

ESAB® Rebel™ 215ic MIG/Stick/TIG Welder

The ESAB® Rebel™ multi-process welder is a 200 amp Stick, MIG, and DC TIG welder that can operate on either 120 volt or 230 volt input power. Weighing just 40 pounds and coming with ESAB®'s 100% satisfaction guarantee. Cyberweld has Rebel™ machines in stock, just $1435.00 with FREE SHIPPING at

The Rebel™ has an easy to read, 4.3 square inch, full-color viewing screen, displaying a variety of welding output and process parameters. You also have access to the owner's manual and common replacement parts, all in multiple languages.

The Rebel™ can MIG weld up to 205 amps with the 10 foot Tweco® Fusion™ 180 MIG gun, DC TIG weld with the included Tweco® 150 Amp TIG torch with valve, and Stick weld with the included 13 foot lead and 10 foot ground. The Rebel™ also comes with extra MIG contact tips, Victor® Argon flowgauge regulator with a 12.5 foot gas hose, a sample spool of MIG wire, 4 sample sticks of 6013 general purpose electrode, TIG torch accessory kit (3 pieces of tungsten, 3 collets, and 3 collet bodies. 1 each in 1/16", 3/32", 1/8"). The Rebel™ comes fitted with a 230V plug, and includes a 230V to 115V/15a adapter plug.

Get yours today at!


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