Thursday, May 8, 2014

The new Weldcap® from Optrel® is here!

The new Weldcap® from Optrel® is now available at Featuring a shade 9-12 auto-dark lens with a grind mode, an integrated FR cap, an extensive field of vision, and the comfort of a baseball cap, the Weldcap represents the next revolutionary step in welding protection.

The unique Weldcap welding lens design increases the welder's line of sight by up to 270% over traditional auto-darkening filters, and the patented single, wide-angle arc sensor outperforms other welding lenses that require up to 4 sensors to detect the welding arc. The ADF is closer to the eyes than in your traditional welding helmet, placing it closer to its center of gravity therefore reducing the load on the back of the welder's neck. The Weldcap is more stable and balanced, and at only 14 oz, provides superior comfort throughout the welding process. The textile part is robust, easily detached and made of washable flame retardant fabric, adding maximum protection to its lightweight, comfortable design.

It is soft where it needs to be comfortable, rigid where it needs to be tough, and available now at

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